The designer’s role in business is expanding. Design is a way of seeing the world with an eye to changing it for the better. Design is a good idea.


The truth is that our creativity is so powerful, so without precedent in the history of evolution, that it is literally taking over this planet. Scientists now believe that evolution has been supplanted on this planet by culture.
—Matthew Fox

Jerry Takigawa

Jerry TakigawaGraphic designer and photographer Jerry Takigawa has committed his career to creating insightful strategies that spark visual images, engage the heart, and challenge the mind. Based on the Monterey Peninsula, work from Takigawa Design has garnered numerous accolades. Jerry received his BFA from San Francisco State University. While living in the San Francisco Bay area, he utilized his art and design skills to help develop a pilot VISTA program in West Berkeley and Oakland. In 1979, he opened his own studio in Monterey, California.

Throughout his career, Jerry has created unique brands, identities, and packaging systems for a variety of companies, including: Earthbound Farm, Bernardus Lodge and Winery, Symantec, KAO, Monterey Jazz Festival, The Athenian School, AIA Monterey Bay, Michael Nesmith, Silvestri Vineyards, Santa Lucia Preserve, Language Line Services, and Center for Photographic Art.

He was President of People in Communication Arts (PiCA), a trustee for the Monterey Museum of Art, and President of the Board for Center for Photographic Art.

His award-winning work has been recognized in numerous design competitions including Communication Arts, AIGA, Graphis, Summit International Creative Awards, Northern California Addy Awards, International Telly Awards, and the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

His work is included in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, SFMOMA, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Crocker Art Museum, the Oakland Museum of California, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the Hiroshima Museum of Art.


History shows that civilizations tend eventually to get stuck in the patterns that brought them success. They can either stay stuck and decay or get unstuck and thrive.
—Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer

We once understood the world as linear and predictable. Today, it’s evident that the world is dynamic and unpredictable. Similarly, traditional economics believed people to be primarily rational. Now we see that people are primarily emotional.

We humans spend our entire lives in search of meaning. Meaningful experiences bring value into our lives because they resonate with our emotional beliefs and ideals and create loyalty and trust. Through design thinking, Takigawa Design can help you understand the significance of your brand offering and reinterpret it into one of meaning.

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