“Yes. Yes.” Wins Third Place in Providence Center for Photographic Arts’ 4th Open Call Exhibition

Juror Julie Grahame, publisher of aCurator.com, awarded third prize to “Yes. Yes.” from Jerry Takigawa’s Balancing Cultures series. A second photograph from the same series, “Possession of Navigational Charts of Monterey Bay,” was also selected to be part of this show.

“Yes. Yes.” refers to the answers given to two questions on a  government loyalty questionnaire imprisoned Japanese  Americans were required to answer. #27 asked: “Are you willing to serve in the armed forces of the US in combat duty wherever ordered? #28 queried: “Will you swear  unqualified allegiance to the US and faithfully defend the US from any or all attack by foreign or domestic forces?” These questions angered and divided the Japanese American community given the context of their imprisonment.

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