“Monterey County Weekly” looks at Center for Photographic Arts’ PIE Labs

Creativity for Sale. by Walter Ryce. “Creative Workshops promise intangible rewards for the very real investments of money, time and energy. Do they work? We looked at three—and let the participants answer.” READ MORE

photo by Nic Coury


False Food in Boston Reviewed

Photographer Elin Spring has written a review of Jerry Takigawa’s False Food exhibition, currently showing at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston, in her blog: What Will You Remember?  You can read it here. (Photo by Silke Haas; from left: Paula Tognarelli, Griffin Museum of Photography Executive Director; Jerry…

The Griffin Museum of Photography will exhibit False Food series this spring

Paula Tognarelli, Curator and Executive Director of the Griffin Museum of Photography, has selected Jerry Takigawa’s False Food series for an exhibition in the museum’s main gallery. False Food’s narrative examines the gyres of plastic pollution in our major oceans through images of order and beauty. “Takigawa’s work is both metaphorical and…

Jerry Takigawa Made 7×7’s List

Jerry was pleased and honored to be selected by 7×7 magazine as one of San Francisco’s most fascinating / influential people of 2014, in recognition of Jerry’s “False Food” photo series. You can read the full article here. (photo courtesy of Daniel Morris.)

Takigawa Poster to be Part of International Communication Project, exhibited in Venice, Italy

The Italian design initiative, Natural Recall, will open its inaugural exhibition on November 22, 2014, at Serri dei Giardini in Venice, Italy. Natural Recall is a non-profit cultural project, “born from the synergy of people with different skills and experience, united in the common aim of raising the creative community and stimulating the…